NOVELTY – Change your PIN at an ATM

Sberbank Srbija a.d. enables all of its Maestro and MasterCard users to change their PIN at any Sberbank Srbija a.d. ATM.

What is a PIN and why is its secrecy important?

A PIN code is a secret number known only to the card holder which is used instead of a signature. By entering their PIN, a user confirms his/her identity, the same as a signature, and guarantees that he/she is the user of the card which is being used to make a payment or withdraw cash.

The fact that even the bank, the issuer of the card, has no information about the PIN code, clearly shows how important it is that PIN is known only to the card holder (verification of the PIN is made in a way which does not require anybody to see or to know the number).

Until now, PINs were unchangeable, i.e. the card holder always had to use the same PIN which he/she received in a sealed envelope along with the card.

In order to increase the users' security and enable the card to be used more comfortably and simply, Sberbank Srbija a.d. has introduced the possibility of changing one’s PIN code.

This service enables the users of the Sberbank Srbija a.d. cards to change their PINs when they find it appropriate, any number of times.

When is changing one’s PIN recommended?

- as soon as your card becomes active (the next working day after taking over the card), change your PIN number

- depending on how frequently you use your card, change the PIN number occasionally in order to be sure that nobody else knows your PIN

- if you suspect that someone has seen or could see your PIN number, remove all doubt by changing the PIN

- if the PIN is not suitable for you, change to a number easy for you to remember. Of course, do not choose a number which “easy for others to remember” in case someone else sees it.

How to change your PIN

Insert your Maestro or MasterCard into a Sberbank Srbija a.d. ATM

Enter your old PIN number and select the option PIN Change.

Enter your new PIN number and confirm the change by re-entering the new PIN.

This completes the PIN changing procedure. As confirmation of successfully changed PIN, the ATM will issue a slip which can be kept for your reference.


- The PIN number cannot be changed if your card expires in less than 40 days. This limitation has been introduced in order to allow the re-issuance procedure (extension of the validity period of the card) to run correctly. After receiving the re-issued card, you may change your PIN without any problems.

- you can not change the PIN if you do not know your PIN. In this case, you will have to request a new PIN from the bank (submit an application at a bank counter and you will collect your from the same place, in a protected envelope, within 7 to 10 days). After taking the envelope with the PIN, you can change it immediately on an ATM.

- when selecting a new PIN, never choose simple combinations like 1234 (some of the simplest combinations will not be accepted). Select a combination which you associate with something known only to you.

Price for the service

The tariff for changing your PIN is RSD 100. This amount is collected by debiting of the card’s dinar account.