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Bank of the palm of your hand! Manage your accounts, transfer funds, settle monthly obligations, perform exchange operations and more, without visiting the bank.

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Bank on your computer. Keep track of changes in your account from your office, make signing orders online. Improve business service with Online banking

  • Direct insight into the current balance and transactions in all accounts and credit cards

  • Free access your account statements and transactions in the desired period

  • Transfer of funds between your bank accounts

  • The deposit money overnight by Good morning savings

  • RSD payments with lower commissions than at the bank counters

  • Pay at home and abroad

  • The deposit money overnight by Good morning savings

  • Calculate your monthly installment loans through credit calculator

  • Apply for bank products in a few simple steps

  • Find the nearest branches and ATMs

  • Maximum security when making payments

  • We protect the confidentiality of your information

  • Confirmation of all transactions you make by simply entering your PIN

For safe use of Sberbank m-banking applications, download and update apps perform exclusively from the official site:, Google Play and AppStore.

All information and transactions are protected by certified for secure data exchange between the bank and the client

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