MasterCard Standard Credit Card

My money – my card

What are the reasons to choose MasterCard Standard Credit Card?

We will name some of the benefits

  • Purchase in the country and worldwide at more than 32 million locations
  • Payment in instalments without interest – both in stores as well as on the internet
  • Deferred payment up to 45 days without interest
  • Depending on the amount, transaction can be divided into 12 monthly instalment
  • Repayment in instalments applies even in the case of cash withdrawal

Submit application


We enable your easier submission of application for SberBank cards. Select the card you want and submit application on internet and you don’t have to go to the branch office. You will need only few minutes to fill in and send your application.


What do I get

  • Safe online payment with the help of MasterCard Secure Code
  • Loan limit in the amount up to 5 monthly earnings*
  • Free SMS notification for every transaction
  • Possibility of issuing additional cards with monthly fee amounting RSD 100.00
  • No monthly fee for card use if you select one of the current accounts packages that we offer. Otherwise, monthly fee is RSD 199.00.

*With transfer of your earnings to Sberbank Serbia a.d. Belgrade. Without this transfer limit is up to 2.5 monthly earnings.

How to pay in instalments without interest

Purchases in values higher than RSD 4,000, including cash withdrawals**, can be divided into 3, 6 or 12 monthly instalments, and through recommended instalment program:

3 monthly instalments For amounts from RSD 4,000 to RSD 7,999
6 monthly instalments For amounts from RSD 8,000 to RSD 17,999
12 monthly instalments For amounts over RSD 18,000

We provide you the opportunity to define your own instalment program. Our councillors will be happy to help you in every moment, in accordance with your needs and possibilities, to select the best instalment program for you.

For purchase in instalments, one-time fee will be charged in the amount of 5% of the transaction, and minimum amount is RSD 400. Fee is paid with the first instalment.

For all transaction in amounts lower than selected minimum for repayment in instalments, as well for the instalments that are not fully paid, revolving repayment shall apply. You can settle minimum of 5% of due debts from the previous month (min. 500 RSD), while the remaining debt is transferred to the next period and for that debt shall be calculated interest. If you settle your monthly debt in due time, you have the option to deferred payment up to 45 days without interest.

** Cash withdrawal at the ATMs is subject to fees in accordance with the Bank Tariffs.

Control repayment in instalments

  • The agreed program can be changed according to the needs during the term of the Contract.
  • When you want to change the agreed repayment in instalments program, for specific transaction, simply phone Call Centre during the same day no later than 10 p.m. ** at number: 19909 *** or 011/22 57 498 and we will gladly help you.
  • First instalment is due on each 15th day of the next month from the day of the transaction, and subsequent instalments on each next 15th day of the month. In case you don’t settle due instalment in full, automatically it will become revolving repayment. In this way, you can define the amount of payment, in accordance with current capabilities, thus reducing your monthly expenses.
  • If you settle your entire monthly obligation by 15th day of the following month, there will be no calculated interest.

** During the weekdays and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. On Sunday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.. From Holidays it is not possible to change selected program of repayment in instalments.
*** At the price of a local call.

How to get MasterCard Standard credit card?

For issuing of Credit Card you will need the following documents:

  • For employees: 2 copies of the certified administrative ban
  • For pensioners: pension check / checks for the last month an 2 copies of the administrative ban
  • If you already have a Sberbank credit card, it is enough to just come to the branch office and select instalment program that you want.

List of products, valid from 07.12.2015.

How to use MasterCard Standard credit card on the internet?


Sberbank Serbia a.d. provides safe, fast and easy payment on the internet for its users of MasterCard Gold Card, with the use of identification program MasterCard® SecureCode™.

Theft or loss of Cards should be reported immediately on the following phone number: 011/20 13 200, on duty 24 hours a day, for you.