Current account package insurance

With an additional fee, your "Jednostavno"current account may be supplemented with a service in the scope of which you will be insured and which is best suited to your needs.

  • Secure account
  • Secure account plus

A completely new type of insurance for current account package beneficiaries:

In case of unemployment or a prolonged sick leave, an insurance company shall pay up to 600 EUR in dinar equivalent to your account in order for you to be able to settle your current liabilities:
utility company bills or your personal monthly liabilities. You may use the money freely since the insured amount is not tied to any of the credit products!

If you are travelling or planning to travel by paying an additional fee with „Jednostavno“ current account packages you may be insured on your travels during the entire year:

  • Safe in Europe (travel insurance for the owner of the current account package which covers entire Europe)

Detailed information about the insurance risks covered are contained in the General and Special Conditions, which must be given to the client when concluding an agreement on the current account package / loan / credit card, in case the client has decided to be insured.