Bonus Loan


The only loan with which you can accomplish all your plans and be rewarded with bonuses. You can use Bonus Loan as a cash loan or refinancing loan.


If you regularly and fully pay your loan installments, you will receive a BONUS up to 25,000 RSD per year, i.e.1% of the loan amount (given that you fulfill the necessary conditions).


Because it is the only credit that rewards your loyalty.

Select the desired amount and repayment period, in order to see the current offer of Sberbank.

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Nominal Interest Rate (NIR) Monthly installment
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Effective Interest Rate (EIF)
Based on the displayed example, the amount of the Effective Interest Rate begins from %
+ Interest rate
= Total loan amount
Amount of the bonus **
(Total net amount at the end of payment)

* If you do not select the option "Insurance included", you have the possibility of choosing between taking the loan without insurance and covering it with your own individual policy (in that case Party Administration amounts to 210 RSD monthly).

** Every year, the client receives a refund of 1% of the loan amount in case of fulfilling the necessary conditions under Article 85 of the Law on Personal Income Tax. A 20% tax is charged to the refund.

The Loan Calculator provides information on the amount of the loan, the amount of the installment for the selected repayment period. It helps to develop an effective strategy and repayment plan.

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