Children's savings


Current savings accounts with attractive interest rates aimed at our youngest customers.


Opening of current savings account in the name of child and making payments into the children's savings account can be made by parents or legal guardians.


Because the opening and maintenance of current account for children's savings is free of charge, and money is available at any time.

About children's savings

For our youngest customers we have prepared savings current accounts with stimulating interests for foreign currency and dinar savings. There is no minimum amount for the term savings and savings current account can be opened in the name of child by a parent or legal guardian. Opening and maintaining of current account for children`s savings is free of charge, and the money is available at any time because there is no term deposit. Interest on children`s savings in dinars and children`s saving in EUR accrues on the last day of the year. Direct payments into children`s savings current accounts can be made, without any restrictions, by other family members and friends and by an order from their respective banks.

Actual interest rates for children's savings
Representative example


For more information about this offer, visit the nearest Sberbank branch or contact our Info Centre at 19909.