Foreign currency step-up savings


Term savings in EUR with increasing interest rate after each term deposit period.


Interest is paid into your foreign currency account at the end of each deposit term and the principal is re-deposited.


Because withdrawal of the term deposit does not cause a loss of already accrued interests! Step-up savings enable you to secure interest rates in advance for an agreed period. Taking into account market trends and the steady decline in interest rates, step-up saving is our recommendation for all long-term deposits..

About step-up foreign currency savings

Step-up savings is our flexible savings product with increasing interest after each completed deposit term. After expiration of each deposit period, interest on step-up savings is paid into a regular foreign currency account of the client. Step-up savings reward the loyalty of our clients by increasing interest rates in each started period with the payment of interest according to the agreed schedule (1, 3, 6 or 12 months). Make sure you have the prearranged rising interest rates for periods of 6, 18, 36 or 60 months. In case of withdrawal there is no loss of savings interest already accrued.

Opt for the interest disbursement rate on your savings that suits you best!

Foreign currency step-up savings in Euros 6 x 1 month = 6 months for the full cycle of saving
Foreign currency step-up savings in EUR 6 x 3 months = 18 months for full saving cycle
Foreign currency savings in EUR stepped 6 x 6 months = 36 months for the full saving cycle
Foreign currency step-up saving in EUR 5 x 12 months = 60 months for the full saving cycle
Representative example


For more information about this offer, visit the nearest Sberbank branch or contact our Info Centre at 19909.