Debit Card for legal entities

Your financial support for effective management

Why choose MasterCard Business Charge credit card?

Here are some of the advantages:

  • Fast and easy payment of presentations expenses, business trips and other costs related to your business needs.
  • Payment by direct debiting of your company.
  • Purchase of goods and services at home and abroad to more than 32 million merchandising places with label MasterCard.

Apply for Debit Card for legal entities.


We make application for Sberbank cardS really simple. Choose the card you want and apply online. There is no need to visit bank branch personally. All you need is a few minutes to fill in and send your application.

What do I get?

  • Free entry to the Business Lounge at the airport Nikola Tesla, as well as SKY and JET clubs at Vienna airport.
  • Simple and contactless payment by using the PayPassTM technology.
  • SMS notification for each transaction that has been executed.
  • Monthly affiliation fee is only 99 RSD per card.
  • Issuing of multiple cards related to one account.

How can you get MasterCard Debit card?

You can submit the request for issuing Sberbank Debit cards for legal entities by doing some of the following:

  • Fill out the online form. Submit a request via Internet here
  • Go to the nearest Sberbank branch
  • Call our Contact Center at phone number 19909 and make an appointment.

For any additional questions you can call our Support Contact Center at the number above or send an e-mail to:

List of Products is valid from 07.12.2015.

How to use MasterCard Debit Card on the Internet?


SberbankSrbijaa.d.uses the MasterCard® SecureCode™ identification service to provide safe, fast and simple online payment to all users of MasterCard Business Card.

Useful tips
  • Remember your PIN. If you store it in written form, never keep the text visible next to the card or on the card.
  • You can change your PIN at any time on some of Sberbank ATM.
  • Due to each payment, check the amount you have confirmed and save the check which you will you receive and confirm the transaction, in order to compare them with the amount on your monthly statement of account.
Theft or loss of the card immediately report by calling the phone number 011/20 13 200, which is 24 hours on duty for you.

Changing your PIN number at ATM is subject to fees in accordance with Bank Fees.