Create a PIN code of your choice!

SberbankSrbija its Mastro and MasterCard cardholders the possibility to change their PIN code at any ATM that supports this feature.

What is a PIN code and why is it important to keep it secret?

PIN code is a secret number known only to cardholder and it is used as a substitute for signature.By entering its PIN code, cardholder confirms its identity at the ATM or at retail location, in the same way personal signature confirms that a cardholder used the card for payment or cash withdrawal.

The fact that the bank doesn't keep any information about issued PIN code shows how important it is that the PIN code is known only to the cardholder (PIN code is generated and changed using a method which doesn't require any person to see or know the number).

Up to recently PIN code couldn't be changed, i.e. user had to use the same PIN code it received in protected envelope along with the card.

In order to improve safety of our users, and provide more comfortable and simple card use,SberbankSrbija a.d.introduced a possibility of changing your PIN code.

This service enables SberbankSrbijaa.d. cardholders to change their PIN code unlimited number of times.

When is it recommended to change your PIN code

  • change your PIN code as soon as your card is activated (during the next business day after takeover of the card),
  • depending on how often you use your card, change your PIN code occasionally to be absolutely sure that no one else knows your PIN code
  • if you suspect that someone saw or could have seen your PIN code, remove any doubt by changing the PIN code
  • if your PIN code doesn't suit you, change it to a number you can easily remember. Of course, try not to choose a number that can be “easily remembered” by anyone else who sees your PIN code.

How to change your PIN code

  • Insert your Maestro or MasterCard card into ATM that supports this feature.
  • Enter old PIN code and choose the options Change PIN.
  • Enter new PIN code and confirm the change by reentering new PIN.
  • This concludes PIN code change procedure. ATM will print a slip which confirms that PIN has been successfully changed. You can use a slip as as a personal record.


  • You cannot change your PIN code if your card is about to expire in less than 40 days. This limitation is introduced to ensure correct procedure of reissuing your credit card (extension of credit card validity). After card has been reissued, you are free to change your PIN code.
  • you cannot change your PIN code if you do not know your current PIN (submit application at bank counter and your new PIN will be given to you at the same place, in protected envelope within 7 to 10 days). After you receive the envelope with the new PIN code, you can immediately change the code at the ATM.
  • when selecting your new PIN code, never use simple combinations, e.g. 1234 (system will automatically reject some very simple combinations). Choose a combination that reminds you of something known only by you.

Service fee

Fee for changing a PIN code is 100 dinars. This amount is debited from dinar card account.